The Mamabiome Project

The Mamabiome Project

Share your story. Inspire change.

Are you a mama or a gut health guru mama? Do you have a gut health story?

Would you like to share your journey and inspire others?

REGISTER YOUR INTEREST or read on to find out more.

What Is The Mamabiome Project ?

The Mamabiome Project is a community driven project which aims to provide a platform for mothers to share their gut healing experiences and stories.

To learn from each other.

Why Did You Start The Mamabiome Project?

My first baby has cried everyday since she was born. She is now 3 and a half.

That’s about 1277 days. Who’s counting…

When she was 5 weeks old, desperate for answers, I once again turned to Google hoping to find a clue.

What I found instead was a supportive small group of mothers with “high-needs babies”.

  • We shared stories, frustrations and milestones.
  • We kept each other company during night feeds.
  • And we lived all over Australia – a baby forum and Facebook bought us together.
  • We understood each others situation like no one else could.

While we still lacked answers, our stories saved each other. This is something I hope to recreate with The Mamabiome Project.

Since then I have spoken with many many mothers who share a similar story.

  • First born children displaying high-needs tendencies.
  • Mothers who have similar health histories.
  • Families discovering microbiome links to their children’s health.

The Mamabiome Project aims to support tired mamas with fussy babies through sharing our stories.

And to spread awareness of the importance of gut health BEFORE trying to conceive.

What Is Involved?

  1. Telling your (or your family’s) gut health journey using simple question prompts to help you share your story.

What Will Happen To My Story?

With your permission, your story will be published here on Mamabiome.

You can choose to remain anonymous if you wish.

How Can I Participate?

We are currently accepting expressions of interest. All you need to do is REGISTER at this stage.

We will contact you with further details.

What If I Have More Questions?

You can email me!