Mamabiome is about changing the way we approach women’s and maternal health.

From a gut health perspective.

For healthier and happier children. For a healthier, happier world.

Science has discovered health begins with the mama microbiome.

And it’s about to get simpler.


“When you know better, you can do better.” – Maya Angelou

Gut health is fast emerging to be synonymous with general health.

It dictates everything from behaviour and immunity to food intolerances, even gene expression.

And it starts long before we are born.

  • Because the beginnings of our microbiome are passed down from our mothers.
  • Influenced by her lifestyle, diet and her own mother’s microbiome and her mothers’.
  • It’s an integral part of the powerful mother to child cycle.

I call it the mamabiome.

About Mamabiome - Let's rewrite the story. One mamabiome at a time.

Our maternal blueprint. It shapes our world in many ways.

  • Environmental. The environment we’re born into. How we live, what we are exposed to and what we learn to be normal.
  • Emotional. Our mental and spiritual wellbeing. How we view the world and ourselves.
  • Ecological.The bacteria and viruses we’re colonised with. And the foods we’re fed. Ultimately driving our health through biochemistry.

And while we can’t go back and change the environment we were born into. Nor our childhood emotional development.

We can ABSOLUTELY change and affect our ecological outlook.

We can directly influence our microbes. And change the story.

You see, our microbial ecology is critically altered by modern life.

  • Antibiotics.
  • Chemicals and toxins.
  • Radiation.
  • Processed food.
  • Our stressed lifestyles.
  • And more.

Most of which weren’t around only 60 years ago. Life has changed dramatically from how our grandmother lived.

It may seem like progress, but we are now living with the devastating effects.

  • A generation of children whose life expectancy, for the first time, is less than their parents. Let the sink in for a moment. Our babies are not expected to live as long as we will. 
  • We’re experiencing an epidemic of gut disease and disorder. Of dysfunction.

While it may feel hopeless at times, all is not lost.

We can begin to repair the damage but only if we know how.

When we have knowledge to know better, we are empowered to do better.

MY FOCUS – What I Talk About

I aim to provide simple and concise articles written with the busy parent in mind.

Informative, to the point and well researched. Maybe even a little bit fun.

More specifically I talk about the following:

  • Pregnancy and the exciting science emerging around microbiome establishment.
  • The development of the baby microbiome. And factors affecting neonatal gut health foundation.
  • Common childhood gut health issues, their causes and effective wellness management strategies.
  • Topics regarding general microbiome wellbeing. For families.

Motherhood has taught me that gaining knowledge to make informed decisions changes lives.

It’s a priceless gift.

Mamabiome is my gift to parents and their children. And their children.

It is intended as a reliable resource of clear and easy to understand information focusing on microbiome health.

  • An unravelling of gut science.
  • Gut health. Made simple. For mothers.

It’s an honest discussion around the current scientific knowledge of maternal and childhood microbial processes.

And passing on the practical lifestyle and wellbeing measures we can employ to begin to nurture our gut health.

So we can rewrite our children’s story.


Victoria Seddon - MamaBiomeMy name is Victoria Samios.

  • I am a mother of 2.
  • A microbiologist.
  • A student of life.
  • I live in Brisbane, Australia.

And I am passionate about sharing what I have learned (and am still learning).

From my work, my pregnancies and my endless researching.

Additionally, I understand, first hand, the pressures placed on families by gut-related illness.

  • The endless search for answers.
  • The frustration.
  • And the stress.

As a family we are currently working through our own gut health issues.

It can be a long hard road.

But when you start turning things around, the positive results are absolutely worth it.

If you’re interested further, read My Gut Health Story.

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Victoria x